Mission & Vision and Objectives


The University of Basrah-College of Medicine tries to achieve pre-eminence in the subjects of biomedical and medical sciences, particularly in those related to health problems in the south of Iraq. This will be accomplished through national, regional and international leadership in biomedical education and research activities in areas such as spine surgery, hemoglobinopathies, cancer, environmental pollution and post-traumatic stress disorders



The University of Basrah-College of Medicine is working to prepare graduates for distinct medical practice with an emphasis on medical problems in Iraq and specially in Basrah, connecting medical practice to community needs. It is also intending to achieve distinction in medical education programs for both under- and postgraduates, and in continuous medical education in order to train doctors, medical teachers and researchers. It also lays the foundation for a scientific environment which cares for recent knowledge in health sciences, that will essentially lead to high gain in education, health care and medical research. The college also seeks to stimulate long-term self–education and to lay the basis for humanitarian and ethical values that are relevant to the work in the field of health sciences. Recruitment and development of high quality teaching staff is sought to achieve best standards in the field of teaching and research.




1. Participation in the development and maintenance of health through medical education, research and different types of health services; promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative.

2. Graduation of doctors that have the knowledge, attitude and skills, which enable them to practice medicine safely through the implementation of humanitarian and ethical principles.

3. The development and advancement of postgraduate studies to train doctors and other medical professionals in various specialties. This requires the establishment of postgraduate studies in different fields whenever possible including the doctoral degree

4. Support the college as a scientific research center and advancing its role in the applied health research and making better utilization of research results especially in collaboration with various benefited groups.

5. Providing direct health service to the population by the medical staff of the college through the government health establishments and the private sectors.

6. Enforcement of cooperation links with the scientific and medical establishments both inside and outside Iraq for the advancement of medical practice as art, science and behavior.

7. Attempting to solve local health problems, usually by conducting scientific research and studies jointly with other medical institutions.

8. The collaboration with other centers and faculties in Basrah University to support the scientific advancement of the university and to support its role in the region and the world at large.