Belief of College

An order was issued to establish the Medical Authority in 1966/1967 AD corresponding to 1386/1387 (Hijri) according to the Article (4) of Law No. (8), and the actual study began in the academic year 1967/1968 with acceptance of (67) male and female students. The Medical Authority in Basrah at that time was managed Temporarily by the University of Basrah Council in cooperation with a special committee consisting of: Dr. Abdul Hadi Mahboub/ President of University of Basrah, Dr. Shaker Tawfiq / Head of Basrah Health Department, Dr. Mohammed Hussein Al-Saadi / Head of Surgery Department - General Basrah Hospital, Dr. Mustafa Rajab Al-Nama / Head of the Cardiology Division, Dr. Youssef Arab / Acting Dean of the Science Commission. In 1967, the Basrah Medical Authority became the College of Medicine. The first academic year in the college was under the supervision of the College of Science, where members of the College of Science supervised the teaching of first-year students at the site of the College of Science in Shatt Al-Arab District (Al-Tanuma). The teaching of the second-year students was at the old Respiratory Diseases Hospital building (beside General Basrah Hospital building) in a newly constructing teaching rooms. The College of Medicine moved to several locations; started from the College of Science building, to the old Respiratory Diseases Hospital, to Al-Sadr Teaching Hospital, and finally settled in a new building opposite to Al-Sadr Teaching Hospital in September 2011. The first graduates were (34) doctors in the academic year 1972/1973 and in the academic year 2019 / 2020, the college celebrate 48 years of graduation with 5652 graduates since its establishment. It is worth noting that among the gradu- ates for some years are students from different Arab countries. The duration of study is (6) years, after which the graduated student is awarded the M.B.Ch.B. in medicine and surgery if he complete the study requirements for the period above, with no less than 255 Units. Some of the graduates of University of Basrah - College of Medicine become members of the college after obtaining higher degrees from inside or outside Iraq, others become members of other Iraqi Universities. Admission to the University of Basrah - College of Medicine is controlled by the Planning and Follow-up Department - Central Admission Department in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The student should completed his secondary studies in the Scientific Sector. The addmission is through the following Channels: Central Admission Private Public Learning Talented Students Victims of terrorist operations The families of the martyrs of the Popular Mobilization Forces. The families of the victims of the Dissolved Baath Party. The number of First-Year students of the academic year 2020 - 2021 was (1042) male and female students. 1010 male and female students of the Second to Sixth years with the total number of students at the beginning of this academic year was 2258 male and female students from various governorates regions of Iraq. The Teaching hospitals of General Health Department that prepared for students training are General Basrah Hospital, which is one of the old Basrah hospitals, Almwnaa General Hospital, Al-Sadr Teaching Hospital, Maternity and Child Hospital, and Al-Fayha Hospital. A brief summary of College of Medicine 5 In continuation of scientific progress and the path of giving and prosperity, postgraduate studies were established at the University of Basrah - College of Medicine in the academic year 1984/1985 by accepting 2 students to study a master’s degree in the department of microbiology. The number of students who completeted their postgraduate studies till year 2020, distributed within the specializations of microbiology, community medicine, pharmacology, pathology and biochemistry, as well as diplomas in clinical departments such as Orthopedics, Gynecology, Anesthesia and General Surgery, was as following: 716 male and famle students in higher diploma 196 male and famle students in Master’s 36 male and famle students in Doctorate, . The number of the College members until 31/12/2020 was (166) in various specializations (26 Professor, 61 Assistant professor, 66 Lecturer and 13 Assistant Lecturer), in addition to the participation of some doctors from the Basrah Health Department and members from the College of Physical Education. The college utilized the benefit of the experiences of the retired College members in teaching and supervision of the postgraduate studies as an experienced professor. Since its establishment, the College of Medicine has witnessed a great development in its scientific, educational and cultural endowment, and it raises the slogan (The University is at community service), therefore; one of its primary objectives is to prepare medical graduates that are professionally, ethically and behaviorally prepared to provide preventive, diagnostic and curative services to the community. From this standpoint, the college contributes to provide medical consultations in the health institutions by assigning its members to work in them. In addition to the services provided by College members through the Medical Advisory Center of the University of Basrah. The College has many scientific and cultural publications. On the academic level, the College of Medicine continues to publish two scientific journals: the Medical Journal of University of Basrah (from 1977 until now) and the Basrah Journal of Surgery (from 1995 until now). The College of Medicine has a strong and continuous scientific relationship with medical colleges in Iraq and in some Arab and foreign countries. The college of Medicine celebrated its golden jubilee on the 24th. of April 2017, after a fifty-year career of giving.