Mission and Vision


 Department of Microbiology is also aimed to provide professional physicians that have good knowledge about how to join and deal with the important information and the relationship between diseases and the microbiological causes. This can be done by given the update information for the microbiological studies including the medical bacteriology, virology, immunology and mycology syllabus.  Also has providing an update and development of the theory and practical lecture program as well as the discussion sessions and workshops. The department has a policy to evaluate the student progress during their academic year study by seasonal and annual evaluation program. It has a program for teaching postgraduate and makes them ready to get M.Sc and PhD within the microbiology studies and provide medical project that can deal with local medical problems in the area. The project includes treatment for the zoonotic disease problems in general in addition to other projects submitted from the department instructors within the department annual plan. The department authorities are also plan to establish a special unit for research and diagnostic laboratory to cover the zoonotic diseases at the southern area from the country.
Microbiology department seeks to keep alongside of scientific developments in the field of specialization. It takes measures to find solutions with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic through scientific research and awareness, and by various means in the field of diagnosis and by adopting E-learning techniques to communicate with the sustainability of the educational process.


The general goals of the department are listed below:
1.    To increase the level of university studies in different ways and provide all the requirements. 
2.    Provide professional staff on research and teaching program for the high education and research sectors as well as the other governmental or private sectors.
3.    Striving to adopt modern technologies in E-learning to deliver educational content to students and keep pace with modern scientific developments.
4.    Provide specialist with high education including; Advance diploma, M.Sc and PhD to be hired within the governmental offices need.
5.    Working to make balance between the theoretical studies and the practical and on real time practice.

6.    Thinking to provide solutions by researches to newly raising problems in our community like COVID-19 surge and other future problems related to economical, communicable and scientific issues.
7.    Provide all the facilities for the medical staff working at the department to encourage them for good research products.
8.    Take care on the students studies and encourage all the qualified to complete their studies as well as provide all the students with new and update knowledge and develop the lectures styles.
9.     Provide scientific consultation service and supervise scientific committees for the governmental offices.
10.    Work to collaborate the higher education studies to solve medical problems might be happened and to create a plan for future incidence.
11.    Work to create scientific project for the subject of the post graduate thesis related to the medical problems in the area. The university is responsible to advertise these projects at the specific times during the year of the studies.