History about Pathology


The Department of Pathology and Forensic medicine, College of Medicine, University of Basrah was established in 1968. It teaches, and trains, the third & fourth year students the subject of Pathology and Forensic medicine..

Post graduate studies
(M Sc in Pathology) was established in 1987 and supervised by the heads of the Department, and
Iraqi Board of Medical Specializations in Histopathology FIBMS (Histopath) was established in 1994 and supervised by:
- Mohammed Al-Wiswasy 1994-2006
- Sawsan Salih Al-Haroon 2006-2012
-Ahmed Hussien Al-Ali       2012-2013
-Sawsan Salih Al-Haroon   2013-2018
-Jasim Mohammad Al-Diab   2018-present