Belief of Microbiology



Microbiology Department was established on 1970 to teach medical microbiology and Parasitology for the 3rd year under graduate medical students as well as students of post graduates for the and PhD program. The main goal of this department is to teach students how to study, examine, diagnose and deal with microorganisms that important to the medical field. The department courses program is the same courses shared with the medical schools around the local and global areas.
  To provide the medical sector and the public with scientific physicians and professional medical staff; the department has opened higher education MSc study since 1984. The study include two years program; the first year is academic study by getting  courses with several microbiology subjects such as bacteriology, parasitology, virology, immunology , mycology and medical biotechnology. However, the second year is the year of practical and research program providing student to prepare his/her thesis for defense as the role of graduation. On 2002 the department has opened a PhD program also in medical microbiology.