Adminstrative Position   Speciality Academic -Titie Name  PIC
 Dean of the College Board - Urosurgery Prof Murtadha Almusafe

Vice-dean for scientific affairs
Board - Surgery Assistant Prof Qais Kadhum Baqir

Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs


PHD-  Surgery  Prof

Nawfal Ali Mubarak

Assistant Dean for Student affairs Board _Internal Medicine Assistant Prof

Alaa Khattar Mousa

Head of the Surgery Department Doctorate_Surgery Assistant prof Furat Shani Al-Eissa
Head of the Internal Medicine department Doctorate - Internal Medicine  prof Ali Raheem Hashim
Head of the Microbiology Department Ph.D. -  Immunology  Assistant prof Hanadi Abdulqader Jasim  
Head of Pharmacology Department Ph.D. - Pharmacology prof Jawad Kadhem Hasan Albazoony
Head of Pathology Department Board - Pathology prof Jassim Mohammed Ali Al Thiyab
Head of the Physiology Department PhD Lecturer Haitham Jawad Kadhim
Head of the Biochemis- try Department MSc - Clinical Chemistry Assistant prof Abdulkader Abdulwahab  
Head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology department Board - Gynecology prof Faiz Abdulwahid Alwaeely
Head of Pediatrics Department Board - Pediatrics Assistant prof Aida Abdulkareem Munther  
Head of Anatomy Department Board - General Surgery Assistant prof Saleh Mahdi Ali AL-saeed  
Head of the Community Medicine Department Board - family Medicine  prof Amall Yassin Yousif Abdkarim Almulla