Mission & Vision & Objectives_Obstetrics and Gynecology

Due to the health conditions and the Corona pandemic that Iraq is going through in a particular way and the world in general, , vision ,goals and the 
mission in the obstetric and gynecology department have been updated to serve education in the current stage and were approved in the first session of the department’s council held on 13/8/2020.



1.    Training the student to provide the best services in all academic and scientific fields regarding the obstetrics and gynecology branch.
2.    Create a qualitative graduate who has the ability to be a good employer of the state departments and institutions.
3.    Creating a graduate who has the ability to coexist with scientific research and has the ability to write and formulate research.
4.    Creating a graduate who has the ability to coexist in society, interact well with the patient, and has the ability to manage.
5.    Because of the health conditions and the Corona pandemic, which confused the world in general and Iraq in particular, and because of the suspension of education in educational institutions , the need has arisen to conduct and activate e-learning and distance learning
6.    Urging teachers and students to engage, practice and train in e-learning
7.    Establishing training courses for teachers and students on how to give lectures and practical lessons by means of e-learning

Future vision

1.Opening subspecialties in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Branch, including the Embryology and IVF Center, the Genetics Center, the Gynecological Oncology Center, and others.
2.    Opening a center includes rules for community-based surveys of gynecological diseases such as cervical, breast, and ovarian cancer, among others.
3.    Creating small brochures that the patient can see in various matters of medicine, especially contraceptives, diabetes with pregnancy, stress and pregnancy, medications permitted for pregnant women and others.
4.    cooperation with other Iraqi, Arab and international universities, and the exchange of experiences in various scientific and research fields and others.
5.    Creating a web in the information network about the Obstetrics and Gynecology department, in which all the existing experiences, competencies, research and others are written in it.
6.    Opening electronic training channels to display video lectures and communication platforms with students for clinical and practical lessons
7.    Conducting electronic classes to conduct the evaluation of students and final exams
8.    Holding courses, workshops, and seminars, with the participation of teachers and all scientific staff around the world



The department aims for the teaching staff and students to obtain excellent service in all academic aspects in the field of specialization (obstetrics and gynecology), and to achieve this goal is by: -
1.Giving students a picture of the basic work in the field of patient care in relation to the specialty, and this includes increasing efficiency and good relationship with the patient in addition to commitment to professional behavior.
2.    Enabling the student to acquire skills related to the subject of specialization in terms of assessing health problems, and developing a plan to care for the patient, and this includes emergency and non-emergency cases.
3.    Taking care of the student’s life cycle in the clinical branches for the last three years with regard to obstetrics and gynecology practice in order to qualify him for graduation.
4.    Training students on professional customer care ((patients)) and making the patient the main focus of care.
5.    Assigning and conducting medical research in the field of specialization in cooperation with other branches of the college.
6.    The field of scientific research is present in the direction of knowing the incidence of common diseases in the region in relation to gynecological diseases, in addition to research in the field of safe motherhood and infertility.
7.    Interest in the art of communication with the patient and with health personnel