As part of its policy of paying attention to the health of patients in society... University of Basrah holds a scientific symposium on developments in the treatment of high blood pressure

The College of Medicine at Basrah University held a scientific symposium on developments in the treatment of high blood pressure.  The symposium touched on methods of diagnosing and treating high blood pressure before and during surgical operations, evaluating the complications of high blood pressure by ultrasound, as well as psychological factors in high blood pressure and how to deal with them.

 The symposium discussed the accurate diagnosis of high blood pressure, which requires accurate measurement using measuring devices with approved standards, and the encouragement of the use of modern electronic devices, even in homes and outside health institutions, for early detection of this silent disease.

 The symposium included treatment steps, which include following a healthy lifestyle by exercising, following a healthy diet, abstaining from scrutiny, and reducing weight.

 The symposium recommended the necessity of examining the heart by echocardiography for patients with chronic high blood pressure and assessing the extent of complications resulting from high pressure on the heart muscle and arteries. In addition to recommending the creation of a multi-displinary team (MDT), consisting of internal medicine doctors, psychiatrists, anesthesiologists, and surgeons, to deal with cases of high blood pressure before operations.  Surgery and after.

 The symposium also recommended the establishment of a special consultation for high blood pressure, through which patients are followed up and the necessary tests are performed to reduce complications and diagnose cases that do not respond to treatment.