The Minister of Higher Education approves the consideration of the academic year 2023/2022,a non-failure year


The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Naim Al-Aboudi, agreed to consider the academic year 2023/2022 year a non  failure year for students who  have been restricted for the mentioned academic year exclusively in the pre graduate morning and evening governmental and private studies for all college stages.

The decision excluded those who were restricted due to fraud, disciplinary penalties and forgery in accordance with the instructions in force, while students who were deposited with loading materials will be dealt with their cases in accordance with paragraph 11  of the seventh meeting of the opinion body.

Applications for return to universities will start from Sunday, 2023/6/18, until Thursday, 2023/8/31, so that colleges and institutes can issue the necessary administrative orders well before the start of the academic calendar for the year 2024/2023.