The College of Medicine at Basrah University holds a scientific symposium on cyberbullying and its social and psychological effects

The College of Medicine at the University of Basrah held a scientific symposium that included two topics, the first on autism, its causes and treatments, and the second on cyberbullying and its social and psychological effects, in cooperation with the Relations and Activities Unit and the development advisor for the Al-Zahrani Psychological Unit.
 Present at the symposium were the lecturer at the College of Education for Human Sciences, Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Mawzani, academics and police officers, the jurist Colonel Muhannad Hussein, the journalist Haider Muhaibas, and Professor Noah Hassan.
 The symposium touched on the causes of autism, the affected group, and the mechanism of interaction between the psychotherapist and the doctor for early detection of children with autism and coordination between families and specialists.
 The second axis included the causes of blackmail and cyberbullying and the psychological effects of the female and male victim. Emphasis was placed on personal protection for the targeted person and the mechanism for reporting to the official authorities so that the perpetrator receives the most severe penalties. Emphasis was placed on calling the hotlines 178 and 115 in order to report suspicious cases to catch criminals who are blackmailing their victims.  .

 The symposium recommended the necessity of strengthening cooperation between doctors and autism centers, as well as emphasizing the treatment of children according to modern programs under the supervision of health departments and autism centers, in addition to the importance of publishing brochures directing students and employees on methods of rapid communication with the Ministry of Interior, and the importance of psychological treatment for victims of electronic blackmail.  The symposium also recommended the necessity of activating the blackmail and cyberbullying law to be a deterrent to anyone who begs for help.
 The symposium was attended by the Dean of the College of Medicine, Professor Dr. Murtadha Mohammed Saleh Al-Musafer, the Dean’s Assistants, and a number of students and employees of the College of Medicine.
 At the end of the symposium, certificates of thanks and participation were distributed to the lecturers.